Over the past years, concern over vengeance was given explicit form in the requirement that when a warrior or otherwise known to be a hunter, kills any wild animal, it must be given a funeral. Hunter in this context is a metaphor for Warrior.
This(funeral) mime and celebrate the feasts of hunters and the power and reputation of both the animal and the Hunter who killed it and the community at large who are celebrating its funeral. This is the main feature of a dance called KPANA which is mostly performed by Gonjas.

For a while, just as I thought, many will think that dancing is merely enjoyed for the rhythm and expression it allows, but kpana by extension is also an idiom of competition as these hunters battles for supremacy based on their number of killings .

Many may wonder how kpana came into existence:;;

Long ago, a Hunter on his hunting expedition heard a sound not too far from his location. He decided to take a closer look. To his utmost surprise, he saw a group of elephants, while others use their trunk to make sound others danced to the tune. Upon getting home he narrarated the incident to his colleagues which subsequently was deliberated upon and finally agreed that the dance be performed to honour any Hunter that kills an elephant.

Story will be continued and dance moves of kpana will be displayed tonight;;;.

In recent times, kpana is performed to celebrate heroes and heroines.

So tonight, I dedicate this dancing performance to everyone of you( Judges, Audience, viewers and my supporters) because you are my #heroes_and_heroines.

So take a seat and watch an exciting performance from your girl- Kasha on your number one tv station- Tv3.

Don’t forget to keep on voting for Kasha by;;

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