The person who recorded the call between him and Daanga found and jailed By Budukusu, Manager of Daanga

Yesterday there was a leak audio circulating on whatsapp groups, which was about a phone call between unknown person and Daanga which brought a lot of bruhaha in the industry the whole of yesterday till now. Fans of Daanga has declined to that audio claiming is not the voice of Daanga some also claim the person wants the down fall of Daanga.

Yesterday we called Daanga to interview him about the whole issue and if it was really his voice on the call but he declined to our interview and hanged the call on us.

C E O of beatjonkeyz, Budukusu also commented about the whole saga claiming is character deformation and he is taking it straight to court because they are dragging his artist name into the mud which is bad for his brand.

He claims after the cout judgement he will let fans know what went on.

Budukusu wrote, “This is pure defamation.So the Beatjonkeyz label and Daanga music will deal with this issue in a lawful manner. Our lawyers are Serving the said person to appear in Court. For now we the team and Daanga won’t comment or grant interview on this issue, until the matter is settled at the Court lawly. We urge the Daanga funz to calm down and steady support the Daanga brand. Daanga music forever.After the Case is closed at court .we will tell u all that happened. Thank u . Beatjonkeyz C.E.O Budukusu. Daanga music. This matter no-go rest till somebody dey jail then Gonja music go learn a gud lesson”

Let’s pray they should find the person for the betterment of the industry.

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