These week Daanga has been shooting a couple of Music videos in the Togoland with Kone a Togoland video director based in ghana and GPS (Gbankulso) one of the best video directors in Savannah and Ghana.

We are still wondering why Daanga choose Togo when Ghana, Savannah region has best locations, but we know with music videos it depends on the song and were the director will love to shoot it.

According to our source Daanga is shooting three solid videos, two shot by Kone and one by Gbankulso

The juju hit maker took to his whatsapp status of pictures and short videos of the video shoot in process by a river side with beautiful setting.


We could see the video director flying a drone in the process of shooting and we belive this video will be one of the best videos in Savannah land and Ghana at large.

We are yet to find out the titles of the singles video Daanga is shooting but with all indications shows one of the video will be an emotional love song and fans we can’t wait for the reassess of these videos.

Before the release of these three videos Daanga will be dropping a controversial song titled DDT.

During the release of juju in a couple of interviews Daanga made mentioned of releasing his next track as DDT, Fans of Daanga can’t wait for release of these projects.

Is a great move seeing Daanga shooting a new video, is been long since Daanga released a video to his released audio.

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