Criticisms Grow My Career – Daanga

One of the most greatest artist in Savannah Region. Abdul Rauf Saaka known as “Daanga” under the Beatjonkeys record label has said that criticisms from his fans and other music lovers in the music industry makes him do more good music to fit in the music fraternity.

The versatile artist who has been espousing other good artists in the music industry since,has been trying to promote the Gonjaland music industry and has seems been one of the top artists with massive fans.

Speaking on a live program on Yagbon Radio Entertainment Show, Daanga said “Life is just that, people who are closer to you can never be relied on.
There are people at the beginning which you supported them, and at the end the try humiliating you. So its good to fear humans than DDT.
He further on said he considers both the Youth and the aged for that matter all his songs captures all genre of music
“Not only the youth enjoy my songs, the old aged are the most people enjoying it”.

Daanga articulating on why He used DDT as the title of a song He is yet to release, He said “I can do variety of songs which most people do, but I consider both the youth and the old age.
Daanga further said on the entertainment show that, “I don’t see music to be hard or difficult to do, because almost 90% of my leisure duties are in the studios”

Blakkskin now Daanga also said He is ready for any criticisms from fans and other music lovers, because that also make his career rise.
“I am ready for any criticisms from my music fans. Most of my songs I do, fans do call me sometimes to polish or add more punches to my projects I do. Because I have some key loyal members who do advise me on most of the songs I do.

Daanga was talking about a track he is yet to release on Monday, 22nd June 2020 entitled DDT and said he consider lessons learnt in the society and convert those lessons to music.”


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