Why do you prefer ladies to men? – Toficking

A versatile musician in the Central Gonja District of Savannah Region Mr Toufic Abdul-Rahman, affectionately known as “Tofiking” with the slogan “Ewooo Kai!!” has said that most artists managers in the Savannah Region predilection for managing the female talents than the men.

Speaking one on one with Commander of Nkilgi Fm, Toficking who is also the C.E.O of Success King Music humorously said he wonder why ladies in the music industry most get more support than men. He said there are instances he approached some successful people which he believed they could solvent most of his needs to meet his dream target. But he has realised most of the people often prefer to spend on ladies than the talented men.

“I have met about three people which I believed they could’ve made my dream come through, but I observed and realized that those people all are were targeting the female artists. Why will such thing be happening”? Toficking queried .

He again reviled those who say artists in Savannah Region doesn’t need support because most of them feel big and proud.

“I want to statement unequivocally that majority of the artists usually follow some people claiming to be their managers and later the humiliate them in the centre of the contract. So people must stop saying some of we the upcoming artists feel big and proud”.

Toficking added that , “I have seen a lot as an upcoming artists and still not tired of subjecting myself because I believe it shall be well one day. “Rome was not built in a day” and so I must go through all sort of pain before I get there. But I don’t know why my people feel like helping the ladies than we the men.”

Toficking who was supposed to released his powerful and expensive single video entitled “Samo ne fi ba”(When will you coming) but due to the COVID-19, he has kept pending the release and still planning to slate a date after the pandemic is over.

Coming soon…………


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