MUST READ: Deco1 Send A Very Strong Message To Savannah Artist.


Deco1 is a promoter base in the savanna region of Ghana, precisely Mpaha in the Central gonja District . Deco 1 has decided to say something about the failings and setbacks in the Savannah music industry.

A post cited on his Facebook page with the name Yawuza Shafi deco reads as follows: ” Every artist in the Savannah region must sees his talent  as a blessing because talent is a blessing from God.

For now,  the industry might not pay, hence every artist should focus on the fame aspect of his talent, and this can only be achieve through proper hype and promotion.

I have decided to introduce to all artists in the Savannah region a  renowned and suit site where massive promotions can be done. Hence every one should contact Deco1 on 0550566764/ King Zakus 0249004913. For massive promotion.

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