The Devils Fighting Savannah Music

  • The devil is currently at work with the Savannah music.
  • Because when we compared the  industry to others , you will realise that the Savannah music is lacking behind.
  • A lot of things are causing this unfortunate incident,
  • . Soo today , my article shall tell you some devils that are currently fighting the industry These devils are so serious that if care is not taken ,or if nothing is done about it ,I’m afraid .
  • Some of these devils we can talk about is the fact that some artists instead of seeing their talent as a career, they rather see it as a Leisure.
  • Also artist are dormant and unwilling  to invest in the promotional aspect of their career .
  • while the fact still remains the same Talent without promotion is useless.
  • These are some of the Devil’s fight in the savanna music industry currently.

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