Savannah Region lacks Development Because Of The Youth[Entertainment] – KASHA

Musah Mariam Kasha, The Savannah Region rep for Tv3’s popular reality show, Ghana Most Beautiful, blames the youth of Savannah Region for the reason of non Development of Savannah Region in a video.

She blamed the youth for being the reason for the lack of development in the region because they don’t push each other but rather pull each other down, even if an individual is trying very hard to make an Ends meet.

She went further to ask a question “ How many of our talented young ones are out there that has gone far and being shown on the Tv,” Non.

Kasha believes we have many talented young ones in the region but we don’t push our own but rather pull them down. We the youth are suppose to encourage each other but we rather envy each other.

She referred to a post she saw some Facebook and it was all about our own Super star who is currently one of the top artist in Savannah Region, Tom Tailor.


Tom tailor is a newly signed artist onto Emylink Entertainment in Damongo, who has dropped dope tracks with quality videos.

According to Kasha, Tom made a post on Facebook promoting his yet to be released album and unfortunately a young man who’s name is unknown jump to the comment box and claimed the manager of Tom is wasting is resources on him…….. this got the attention of Kasha.

Watch video for more revealing issues from Kasha to the people of Savannah.




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